Welcome to Balera.

Come experience the joy of ballroom dancing!

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Basil Issaev & Liene Apale

The new owners of Balera!

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Wedding Couples

Learn to dance to the song of your choice.

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Lessons with Visiting Coaches

Take a private lesson with one of the World Renowned Coaches that come to Balera each month!

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Wedding Couples

Balera's dance lessons for wedding couples will give you that boost of confidence to go out on the dance floor and enjoy your First Dance!

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Visiting Coaches

Balera offers Master Classes and Private Lessons with top level professional dancers from around the world. Check out our coaching schedule online.

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Competitive Dancing

Take your dancing to the next level by training with our instructors for one of the many local or national ballroom competitions that the studio attends.

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Group Classes

Learn some fun dance steps and improve your technique in our weekly group classes. We offer dance classes for all skill levels. Contact us to see which class is right for you!

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ~Martha Graham
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